2015 Finds (Platforms, Org Design and Innovation)

Here are the items I came across via the web during 2015 related to Platforms, Organizational Design and Innovation.  This post provides a page for me to come back and view items that were applicable to my learnings over the past year. Continue reading


My PKM Routine

Earlier this year I took Harold Jarche’s PKM Mastery in 40 days online workshop.  The reason I took the workshop was because in my profession, it was getting more and more challenging to stay current on what I needed to.

The reason for this was the shift to a continuous release model of cloud solutions from Microsoft.  Part of my value as a consultant is keeping up with the latest technologies from Microsoft, so I can help clients make the best use of the technologies to improve the way they work.   Continue reading

Working Out Loud Circle – Post 3

View all posts in this series for better context. We began our circle by discussing my colleague’s activities from the last circle – which was 2 weeks since we didn’t meet the week of Thanksgiving. We then started our activities for Week 3 which center around managing your time and offering more universal gifts.   Continue reading

Hide Recent Items in SharePoint 2013/Office 365 Quick Launch with Audience Targeting

Was working on a project recently, and learned a creative way to accomplish a common ask in SharePoint 2013 – how to remove the recent items from the quick launch navigation (pictured below).


This solution requires no JavaScript code of any kind – you simply make use of audience targeting.

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Sunday Recap 2/8/15

Sunday recap is a way for me to record items I came across the Web during the week.  It acts as a permanent home for things I want to explore more or reflect upon.  It was inspired by Harold Jarche’s PKM Mastery class I took in 2014.

Collaboration and Organization  Design

In this post Dion asks, “What specifically is the business value in social-based ways of working today and tomorrow?”.  He summarizes the value into three primary classes of benefits:

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