Working Out Loud Circle – Post 3

View all posts in this series for better context. We began our circle by discussing my colleague’s activities from the last circle – which was 2 weeks since we didn’t meet the week of Thanksgiving. We then started our activities for Week 3 which center around managing your time and offering more universal gifts.  

Week 3 Reflections

I was impressed with the progress my colleague made in beginning to use Twitter for personal learning. We looked at his account and talked about who he decided to follow and why. He divided the accounts he followed into three groups:

  • Directly applicable to the work subject areas he is wanting to learn more about
  • Online education resources
  • Competing technologies

Progress from Previous Circle Meeting

My colleague had followed 49 Twitter accounts across these three groups and was getting a feel for how Twitter could help him accomplish his goal.  I asked how he came across the accounts he chose to follow since it was a mix of individuals and technologies?  He searched for topics via hashtags – which was something we discussed in our prior circle – so he immediately applied his new learning, which was great.

He also subscribed to a few YouTube channels, since video is his preferred vehicle for learning, as well as signed up for a few online learning courses.

He also posted his first 3 tweets, which we then discussed together.  One was a public thank you to a person who had helped him in the past as he began his new life journey and career when he come to the United States from Ghana.  The other two tweets were links to articles or videos he came across that provided him value.

Week 3 Activities

Next up, we began our exercise of paying yourself first, and creating an entry in your digital calendar to remind yourself to work out loud.  We documented his current daily calendar to see what time works best for him.  His energy level is greatest in the evening, so we found an opening where he could spend 10-15 minutes a day to pay himself to begin with.  It will be interesting to see over the course of this Circle if the amount of time stays the same, increases or decreases.

We looked at his relationship list and picked one entry to make a contribution together.  I walked him through adding more context to his contribution by showing a few of my tweets where I add a comment to the link in my tweet.

We opened up Twitter and crafted a tweet together. We thanked for a course he is taking, and the specific area of one of the videos which helped him in his work.  When we took a look at the video on the website, I noticed the name of the teacher and we clicked on his name to see his bio.  The teacher actually lives very close to us, so we added him to the relationship list.

The teacher didn’t have a Twitter account, but he did have his own publishing company.  So we modified our tweet to include the name of the teacher and a link to his publishing company.

I also described a mindset I use, which is everything we are doing is about people, and connecting to people via content.  We are simply learning how to use technology to improve relationships with people.

This approach to relationship building is different from his culture – where people really don’t reach out to others beyond their immediate age groups.  I asked for his feedback on approaching relationship building this way and he is really appreciating the skills he is learning, it is changing his mental outlook on connecting with others.

We wrapped up the meeting by discussing his goals for the upcoming week – modify his relationships list to the top 10 entries, make a contribution to 1-2 of the entries every day (pay yourself first).

After the circle, I sent an email with a link to download the Week 4 Circle Guide and a reminder to continue working through his contributions on his relationship list.

So far so good.


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