Working Out Loud Circle – Post 5

View all posts in this series for better context. We began our circle by discussing my colleague’s activities from the last circle . We then started our activities for Week 5 which center around expanding the types of contributions you will make and being a bit more systematic in your approach.   

Week 5 Reflections

To prepare for this circle I read Chapter 14 and 15 of Working Out Loud, read the Week 4 Circle Guide, re-read my Week 4 reflections blog post and took a look at my colleague’s Twitter account.

We only had 30 minutes for our meeting because of client project work.  We also conducted the meeting virtually – a first for us as well.  We decided to focus on what happened since the last time we met, and how to be more systematic in our contributions.

I wasn’t anticipating much activity since our last circle because of the holidays, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Making Progress

One of his goals from our last meeting was to make time for contributions every day and he was following through on this.  One of the people he follows on Twitter is a great connector – she is always following the industry my colleague works in, and provides great links to others.  Through her, he found a few articles published by different people which were very helpful.

After reading each article, he went to the author’s Twitter account and used the “Tweet to this person button” to send a personal thank you.  As a result, a few of the authors followed him on Twitter – growing his personal learning network.  He was very excited about this.

He also continued his journey towards improving the value he receives from the people he chooses to follow on Twitter, and he made some more adjustments.  He is feeling more comfortable in making Twitter work for him.

Working The Relationship List

Early next week, he will being his online course and we discussed how to also use the course to connect with more people like him.  He is going to look for the people that are active in the online course forums and begin forming relationships with them – in the process adding a few of them to his relationship list.

I also introduced him to a helpful site for all things Data Science called Kaggle.  Ironically I found out about the site after having lunch with another person I am introducing Working Out Loud to.  Kaggle has a very active forum as well, and we discussed looking at the most active people and potentially adding them to his relationship list.

Up Next

Since we only had 30 minutes, we will set aside time to go through and document his relationship list next week, with contributions made, when they were made, and when he will make another one.  We will also examine his relationship list to identify any potential gaps to ensure his list is helping him attain his goals.

After the circle, I sent an email with a link to download the Week 6 Circle Guide and a reminder to continue working through his contributions on his relationship list.

He is beginning to change his daily habits and ability to form relationships in a digital world.


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