Sunday Recap 2/8/15

Sunday recap is a way for me to record items I came across the Web during the week.  It acts as a permanent home for things I want to explore more or reflect upon.  It was inspired by Harold Jarche’s PKM Mastery class I took in 2014.

Collaboration and Organization  Design

In this post Dion asks, “What specifically is the business value in social-based ways of working today and tomorrow?”.  He summarizes the value into three primary classes of benefits:

  1. Tactical improvements to existing ways of working
  2. Supporting tacit interactions: Complex, highly variable problem solving
  3. Re-imagining institutional practices: Fundamentally rethinking business

 Lean  Startup/Innovation

7 MVP examples are showcased to help you think through creating your own minimum viable product to test.

Raghu Krishnamoorthy, GE’s vice president of executive development and chief learning officer, discusses how GE’s culture has adapted to the context they found themselves in.

 Office 365

Naomi always provides great insight into the Office 365 arena, and this posts walks through 5-6 areas to think through for both IT professionals and business users.

Microsoft’s Collaboration Tool Evangelist to Employees, Chris Slemp, discusses the most common question he receives from Microsoft employees – Which tool do I use when?


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