Dallas SharePoint TechFest

I am really excited to be presenting at the Dallas SharePoint TechFest coming up this Thursday, April 4, as well as being part of the keynote panel with Microsoft.  My session is entitled, “What’s your SharePoint Business Model?”  Here’s the overview:

In order to summarize how SharePoint adds (or will add) value to your company, you must be able to communicate that value in a way that makes sense to your executives and business users.  After this session, you will have the tools to easily speak their language and show how your company’s utilization of SharePoint can generate value.

In this session we will walk through building a business model for SharePoint to help you:

  • Easily explain your SharePoint deployment to executives and employees
  • Align key staff in order to determine goals and priorities
  • Depict cause-and-effect relationships
  • Show the links between day-to-day work and the services you offer
  • Easily explain what areas need improvement

My session aims to provide tools and techniques to help IT and the business work in concert with one another to drive value creation.

I will be writing a series of blog posts after the session that will provide more detail on why creating a business model for your SharePoint deployment is important, as well as how to go about doing it.

Interesting side note – the conference is doing a great job in providing the following value-adds for attendees:

  • Mobile App to get the entire conference schedule on your phone
  • Each session’s audio will be recorded and made available with the presentation
  • A Yammer site has been created to encourage conversation before, during and after the event

Should be lots of fun and a great learning opportunity for all involved.