Sunday Recap – 2/22/15

Sunday recap is a way for me to record items I came across the Web during the week.  It acts as a permanent home for things I want to explore more or reflect upon.  It was inspired by Harold Jarche’s PKM Mastery class I took in 2014.

My theme for links this week is organizational design and digital skills.

If you have an interest in exploring different ways to build an organization utilizing self-management, and would like to learn from real-word case studies across numerous industries, please read Reinventing Organizations.

For most of the developed world, firms, as much as markets, make up the dominant economic pattern. The Internet is nothing less than an extinction-level event for the traditional firm. The Internet, together with technological intelligence, makes it possible to create totally new forms of economic entities, such as the “Uber for everything” -type of organizations that we see emerging today. Very small firms can do things that in the past required very large organizations.

Complex problems require cooperation while complicated projects need collaboration. Collaboration is working together on a common problem, while cooperation is freely sharing without any objective. Cooperation is not team work. It is helping the entire organization, as one would support a natural commons, and this requires people who are not just doing their job, but involved in the whole system. This is a major change in how business functions have been managed.

 It might be tempting to poke fun at people who don’t understand the basics of tools used by hundreds of millions of people. It reminds me of having to explain “double-click” to novice computer users a few decades ago. But it’s not a laughing matter, because the stakes are high both for individuals and the organizations they work in.




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