My PKM Routine

Earlier this year I took Harold Jarche’s PKM Mastery in 40 days online workshop.  The reason I took the workshop was because in my profession, it was getting more and more challenging to stay current on what I needed to.

The reason for this was the shift to a continuous release model of cloud solutions from Microsoft.  Part of my value as a consultant is keeping up with the latest technologies from Microsoft, so I can help clients make the best use of the technologies to improve the way they work.  

Harold had written a blog post where he described his personal PKM routine, and asked others to share.  Well, I have been able to practice PKM for a few months now and loved how Jane Hart showed her routine with a graphic.  So,  borrowing from Jane, here is where I am at with a daily routine.


Seek Tools

These are the tools and places where I receive new online information (I am a big reader of books, but am not listing them here).

  • Twitter
  • Feedly (RSS feeds)
  • Yammer (External and Internal Networks)
  • LinkedIn
  • Slideshare (accounts I follow)
  • YouTube (channels I subscribe to)
  • Email (newsletters/updates I subscribe to)
  • Delve (a search curation tool in Office 365 – internal to organizations)
  • Office 365 Video (internal to organizations, channels I follow)
  • Facebook (private business related groups)
  • Online Subscriptions (HBR, MIT)

Twitter is by far my greatest source for information, followed by Feedly.  Yammer is my primary vehicle for accessing communities of practice.  Internal to my company, Delve has provided a great deal of value by being my personal, automated curation engine – enabling me to discover information from across my organization.

 Collect, Capture, Organize Tools

I make heavy use of OneNote to clip blog posts and articles and organize them with via categories.  I am able to highlight key passages within each individual note for later recall.  I utilize Twitter Likes (used to be favorites) to bookmark tweets to come back to later.  I am in the beginning stages of using Pinterest and Flickr for images I find useful to convey stories with info-graphics or to build critical thinking frameworks.

Sense Tools

I sketch out thoughts via hand every day.  I’ll utilize Office Lens on my phone to take a picture and upload the image into my OneDrive for permanent storage.

I utilize Sway to pull together ideas and different media to begin crafting a story as I make sense of the information.

PowerPoint and OneNote are staples for me while I am thinking through ideas and bringing different pieces of information together.

My blog is something that I am going to utilize more in the upcoming year, and will hopefully become a home-base for my thoughts (both in progress as I am practicing sense-making, as well as after they have been tested in my work).

Harold wrote a great blog post on how to add more value to information during the sense making process.

Share Tools

My main tool for sharing across the Internet is Twitter – where I will share resources I found interesting – with my blog being a secondary way of sharing.  Most of my sharing however has been “internal” in nature – meaning on my organization’s Office 365 platform.

I utilize our Yammer internal network most frequently, then I also participate in Yammer external networks.  Next, I will upload files into our Office 365 environment so they are available to all.  The nice thing about Office 365 is content is automatically curated via Delve, as well as individuals can perform manual curation via boards and favorites.  I promote new files via Yammer as well.

I also deliver presentations during our company knowledge sharing lunches – some recent topics have been running design sprints for projects and facilitating workshops utilizing innovation game techniques to speed requirements gathering.  I then utilize my internal blog to expand on these topics in greater detail.

My goal this year is to share externally with consistent frequency.


I feel more at ease even though the flow of information is increasing.  I am confident I am building a productive online network for myself to add value to my clients and my organization.

I highly recommend signing up for Harold’s course.

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