Working Out Loud

In honor of Working Out Loud Week, I wanted to share the resources I referenced on this topic in my presentation entitled, Finding Value in Enterprise Social Collaboration – How to identify the right opportunities for innovation at your company, from this year’s SharePoint TechFest in Dallas.

At their core, enterprise social collaboration technologies are about enabling human-human interaction using computers, employees interacting with each other using software  The software has no value unless users are using it, and the foundation for effective enterprise social collaboration is working out loud.

Here are the links I referenced in my presentation.  I hope they provide you with a high level understanding of the benefits of working out loud.  If you have the time, please share references you have found to be beneficial in the comments.  Thanks!

And finally, this presentation from Simon Terry discusses the working out loud concept within the bigger picture of enterprise social collaboration.

I will be writing additional blog posts this week that summarize the presentation in greater detail, but if you are interested in viewing the presentation, you can do so here.  Be sure to look at the notes for each slide, as that is where I reference the sources and provide detailed context for each slide.



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