Building a SharePoint Team – 2010 Dallas SharePoint Saturday

In my first presentation at this year’s Dallas SharePoint Saturday, I partnered with Columbus Brown to discuss how to go about building an internal SharePoint team.  In order to build a team, you first need to understand how SharePoint is supporting your business objectives

Once that is defined, you can utilize the SharePoint Maturity Model to quantify how your company is currently utilizing the platform.  This should provide direction on how you build solutions within the application, as well as the skill sets that are needed to help your company drive more value from the usage of the system.

The next step involves identifying what roles are needed, and what skill sets are needed for each role.  These sample job descriptions from Lets Collaborate are a great starting point for you.  By getting a better idea of the positions that might be needed, and the skill sets that are ideal for that specific position, you are now in place to quantify where you are currently, and what you need in the future to help the company drive business value via the appropriate usage of the SharePoint platform.

You can view and download my presentation on SlideShare.


2 thoughts on “Building a SharePoint Team – 2010 Dallas SharePoint Saturday

  1. Hi Ben — just wanted to let you know the SlideShare link in your post above points to the wrong place (a duplicate of previous link). But I found it anyway! Good presentation!


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