Building a Report Distribution Solution – 2010 Dallas SharePoint Saturday

In my second presentation at this year’s Dallas SharePoint Saturday, I demoed how a beginning SharePoint site owner can build a solution that improves the way a company shares reports that are built within the Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) and PDFs.  Every company has reports in these formats, and typically relies on email to distribute them.

This solution takes about 20-25 minutes to create, and provides the following business benefits…

  • Improves the flow of information throughout the company.  End users can be automatically notified when a report they are interested in is uploaded into the system.
  • Simplifies access to information.  End users can control access to reports.
  • Lowers email storage costs.  Since reports are stored in SharePoint, and alerts are utilized to let end users know when a report is ready, no email attachments are ever utilized.
  • Central location to access reports.  One place to go to view reports makes everyone’s life easier, including when new employees come on board.  They no longer have to ask people for certain reports that only reside on personal drives or within emails.

You can view and dowload my presentation on SlideShare.

View the tutorial of how to build this solution in SharePoint.


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